Thursday, April 1, 2010

Basic lore of Saturn Six

The year is 2525, and humanity has been living in the stars for the past 100 years. They have expanded to the far reaches of the solar system, the primary mass of civilization living on Saturn's sixth moon, Titan. It is there that we join the human story -- one of political intrigue, resounding strength, economic domination, and most notably, brutal reality. For all is not well in these years. Humanity has not brought peace with it to god's domain. It has brought civil war -- a civil war that has perched humanity on the verge of extinction.

Saturn Six is a cyberpunk, first-person shooter MMO that places the player in the center of this post-apocalyptic conflict. The game is based off of titles like Team Fortress 2, Fallen Earth, The Sims and Hello Kitty Online. In Saturn Six, you play a character rooted in one of three factions. Each faction has two sides, and each side offers different and significant buffs as you play.

You level up in a world that is at war with one another, attempting to reestablish humanity's final presence within the cosmos. Through revolutionary mind-body interfacing, players are able to control their character through thought patterns and eye movements (not to mention small diodes embedded in toes).

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  1. Bah, Blizzard is just ripping off Tabula Rasa's model and fixing all of the issues that NCsoft had. It's a blatant rip-off game.